Ode to Aphrodite

The sweet sexy curves of this little pearwood and curly sycamore case say it all...

It has been some time since I have done a "conceptual" piece, if I ever have, but I suppose this qualifies as I had some definite themes in mind when dreaming this one up. At the outset it must be said that this piece actually started last year when I was making the fine little jewellery box for Lia Sweet. One will see in that box the obvious genisis of the ideas that have been greatly expanded here.

Clearly, the ideas here are sensuous, erotic, and...well, whatever else your imagination tells you is probably right on the mark....What can I say, I really let go on this one; and this is the result.

The entire piece, with it's stand (that is also going to function as a stand-alone table) is still in progress. The case itself is essentially finished now, so the following images are mainly of it.

As this is a speculative piece, and I have alot going on in the shop and life at the moment, I really don't know when I will get around to finishing this. All I can say is that it will happen sometime this year.


Ode to Aphrodite

Here is the idea. The stand/table is yet to be finished, it is in Honduras rosewood.


And here is the overall image of the case with the dappled sunlight of the late afternoon providing the only light.

More images will follow, but at this point I really can't say when. There are still some significant design details left to attend to with the table/stand. As usual, stay tuned.

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