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There were so many great images from this season, as there are every year, that editing them down for the three main pages was too difficult. I thought this would be a good way to throw in many of the fine (and even some of the not-so-fine) images and memories of the season in a much more random order and arrangement than with the Angling report pages. In fact there is absolutely no chronological order to these pictures.

The scrolling on this page goes from left to right, yes this is one long horizontal scrap book from the 2003 season.

Thanks go to those who sent pictures in, I have included photo credits where appropriate, but most of these images I took, although not always with my camera; often I am using your camera, and I recognize many of the images as those I took.

There is minimal wording here, the story is in the pictures.

Enjoy and take care,


Photo: Lauraleen Gaudioolor
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Photo: Larry Falk
Some of us mere mortals catch them with flies, lines and fishing rods; the chosen few wrestle and catch them with their bare hands . . .
Photo: Larry Falk
The high, but rapidly dropping water levels, combined with very cold air temperatures made for mediocre fishing at times, but fabulous ice sculpture viewing. . .lor

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Bar fishing.

Once again folks, thanks for all the memories. . .

And I'll see you all next season to do it all again.

Late Season
Photo: Bob Pauli
Larry and some frosty branches
"Oh yeah, this is my car, and no one is going to tell me it isn't . . . even the licence plate glows . . . pretty cool eh?"

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Photo: Ray Christensen
Slippery little devils aren't they?
Bob Pauili and I standing next to a "live carving" tree. Note the carved face next to me.
A fine day in Airport. . .
Photo: Larry Falk
Photo: Larry Falk