The Arts and Crafts dining table

Laying out the parts on the planks of one entire elm log. All the planks are matched and so it is easy to get grain matches from one to the other and thus a continuity of color and pattern from one part to the next.


This table is a local commission from some good folks who live right across the valley from me. The design will be very close to, and obviously inspired by, a wonderful Arts and Crafts table that I saw in a book about Edward Barnsley. It is not a Barnsley design, but comes from the south of England near where his workshop is situated.

This is the table that is the inspiration for this project:

The graceful curves combined with a feeling of timeless strength and durability was what caught my eye here. So stay tuned and we will see where this one goes..

At the start of some projects there is an integration of ideas that takes place that is hard to define...a melding of wood, esthetic concepts, and functional needs...Here are a few images that kind of tell the story, but hey...things are happening.


With the idea of a wane edge top clearly in mind, I started sawing away at these elm planks.


After some careful consideration, a lot of sawing, and not just a little luck; I ended up with a pleasing pattern for the top of this table. Glueing the wane edges on will be interesting....that will be later.


Then it was back to the drawing board for a little more drawing before starting to saw the rest of the parts, which I did...kind of.

In fact these first few days have been spent sawing lots of wood...

So here it is Friday at about 5:30 in the sawdust 3 of the table...H-m-m-m...what's next?


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