A new era in Mykiss has arrived...

We now have t-shirts available. They are very nice. With a "less is more" approach to design, they are simple and classic. Sure to be a hit at the gym, the tennis club, or on that morning run on the seawall or around Central Park...or for that matter just hanging around in the woodshop.

So order now and impress your friends and family...be on the cutting edge,

get an iWoodFish.com shirt today...

(Wow! how was that for a pitch?....do I have a career in advertising or what?)


Sizes: Medium, Large, Extra-large.

Colours: White and Sand (more colors coming in the next batch)

Price: $20.00 includes tax and shipping


Tank tops:

Sizes: Large, Extra-large

Colours: Athletic grey (bookmark now, more colours coming...)

Price: $18.00 includes tax and shipping


To order click here

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