The Miranda Table

Detail of a Beidermier style table

This is a table I did earlier this year. Quite formal, tight, but very nice. I liked it alot. One of the main features was the pivoting top: it could be tilted to a vertical plane and then stored against the wall if one needed. This then made the top even more of a decorative element than it would normally be, as it was now seen from a completely new perspective. So here are the images, with minimal editorial (whew!....)


Here is the overall view. The woods used are: cherry, curly maple (broadleaf maple), ebony, holly, pacific yew.

Here is the vertical view:


This was fun. Here is the technical picture of the back to show the cool little mechanisms that I made for the table to pivot and lock in each position:


Actually, this image only shows the one mechanism that locks the table in the vertical position. Fun eh? What you can do with a few set screws and springs, and you should see what happened with that same awsome (and highly sophisticated, I might add) technology in Ode to Aphrodite. Although I still have to post the pictures of the little mechanism that I made for that piece, the overall images are there to see.

And a couple of detail shots:


This is a close up of the stand showing the spline I used to connect all the three segments, the little "foot" I worked into the legs, and the final little block that it all sits on right on the floor.


And this is the center detail that I came up with. Ebony, holly, and Pacific yew.


So there we go. What a fun table.

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