The Secrets of Venus

Image showing detail of the center of one panel of the cyrved screen I call The Secrets of Venus


The was a fun and whimsical project made entirely using vacuum press technology. This kind of thing has it's limits and perhaps I was near those limits with this project, but it worked and seems to be standing the test of time, so far. I had the idea to streamline the original Curved screen which was made in a frame and panel style with bent laminated wood rails along the top and bottom and solid rails along the side, and after a friend mentioned the same idea it was enough to prompt me into pursuing it. I wanted to pare it all down to the simplest form: this smooth, sensuous, skin-like wall of curves. Then I thought that some little slits, giving little tantalizing glimpses of what may be behind the screen would be kind of fun.

The woods are Eastern maple veneer for the surfaces and steamed Pearwood for the accents.

The panels all are concentric and so nest into one another when the screen is folded.


There is just enough arc in each panel that the screen is relatively stable when fully extended; it could be comfortably used in an area of low traffic like this, but if one was concerned about it falling over, then it can be slightly "cocked" as in the photograph below.




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