The Wood Storage.

A wide variety of wood is what one will find in my wood storage.
Woods from British Columbia, woods from Europe, eastern Canada,
and woods from the rest of the world; 
all will be found somewhere in my wood storage.

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Living where I do, in a remote area, I like to have a wide variety of woods on hand as it is not possible to run down to my local wood supplier and pick up something that I need. I like to work with as wide a palatte of color and textures as possible, however, I tend to favour the North American, and European hardwoods over the exotic woods. I do have a few exotic species, some of which come from certified sustainable sources. Most often I use these in limited ways, often more as accent than primary wood; although there are exceptions.

At this time a quick look at my inventory would find things like the recent shipment from my favourite wood supplier, A & M Woods, which included: English holly, Bird's eye maple, some air dried flitch cut planks of black walnut and cherry (matched planks of each species), and the most impressive of all and a real rarity in my shop: a huge plank (2"x36"x13') of air dried padouk.

Some of the more common and favourite woods in the wood storage:

And some of the more exotic and unusual species:

There is more but it would get a bit much to go on at this me for more details if you have an idea or want to know about a specific wood.

I support locally harvested and sawn woods in no small way. My largest stock of any single species is by far that of the northern white birch. (about 1000 bd ft in storage at the moment) I am using this wood often and find it to be very fine for most puposes.

Main page ....How to reach me....Bric-a-brac....Portfolio

Works in Progress....The Workshop

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